2011.01.30. napon megérett citromok

Csengetett, Mylord?

From Mayfair to Park Lane
You will hear the same refrain
At every house again again
You Rang, M'Lord?
Stepping out on the town
The social whirl goes round and round
The rich are up the poor are down
You Rang, M'Lord?
The "bunny hug" at the Shim Sham Club
The charleston at The Ritz
And at the Troc do the "turkey trot"
Give Aunt Maude a thousand fits...
Saucy flappers in cloche hats
Natty chappies in white spats
The upper set is going bats
You Rang, M'Lord?
Talking flicks are here today
And Lindbergh's from the USA,
Poor Valentino's passed away.
How sad, M'Lord.

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